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The mission of High Grade Endurance is to inspire and empower new and experienced athletes to reach new potential and be the best version of themselves.

Toward this goal, Coach Christine built High Grade Endurance with three pillars: (1) Create and maintain excellent communication with athletes, (2) Educate athletes on their training, and (3) Support athletes through all aspects of their training and racing.




As a life-long scientist, the joy of triathlon caught Coach Christine by surprise. What started as a fun hobby in grad school became a lifestyle as she realized how empowered she felt striving for and accomplishing new athletic goals. Now as a USA Triathlon Level I Certified Coach, she aims to help others feel that same inspiration and find new answers to the question: What are you capable of?

High Grade Endurance welcomes all age group athletes, whether you are just starting and/or aiming for big goals. Since communication is primarily done virtually (unless in-person sessions are arranged separately), Coach Christine can work with athletes located anywhere.